Plant Production Worker- Ice Cream Production (7.21 SV)

United Dairy Farmers needs full-time workers for second and third shifts at our ice cream production plant in Norwood. The ideal candidate is a self-starter with good attention to detail. Applicants will be required to:

· Operate equipment and clean using sanitary behaviors and processes
· Willingness to learn and understand the principles of manufacturing ice cream
· Learn and understand the correct setup and usage of all equipment
· Learn and understand equipment tear down, cleaning and sanitation procedures including Cleaning in Place (CIP) and Clean out of place (COP)
· Clear, respectful communication with the entire team
· Drive the production process to ensure that the products produced meet customer specification, quality, and food safety
· Ensure production meets targeted outputs through effective control of the manufacturing process
· Ensure health and safety requirements are fully met and a positive safety culture is maintained